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Evony Heroes
Please find below a guide I have put together to help people get the most from what I feel are the most underused resource available on this game
I will hopefully cover off most of the questions I am ever asked regards finding a Hero. Then when you have, How to Use Holy Water to enrich the stats, how Loyalty of a Hero is important, how to apply add-ons (equip) and what the different type of Hero does for you within the City.
How to upgrade the hero and what is the best way to increase the attributes dependent on the respective trait of the Hero
I hope you find this useful, but please understand it is my view.

Finding a Good Hero
Well for starters you need an Inn... but many ask what level I should have. In my experience I have never had an Inn past level 3, unless I have acquired a city with one in. The key factors that you are looking for is a Politic, Intel and Attack hero.
When trying to gauge how good the hero is for its trait, I look at the level and the attribute. If the difference is over 60, I will get him/her.
Now if you get a level 5 hero that has an attack of 66, you have a base of 61 (difference between level and attribute). You can reset these to get the true base of the hero by using Holy Water.
This takes the hero back to level 1 and removes any upgrades applied to the hero, then you add to the attribute you are looking to strengthen
I.e. the following Hero and the effect of Holy Water,
Rosemary Lev 5 Pol 23 Att 67 Int 33
After Holy Water Pol 20 Att 66 Int 33
Add the upgrades Pol 20 Att 70 Int 33
So you have taken an apparent 62 base hero and made it a 65.... By re-applying the upgrades where you wanted them. You cannot change the original base; only “Redistribute the upgrades”. It is best to do this at the beginning, as it will cost you less in Holy Water. This will help move the hero up quicker and this can be applied to every attribute. For every 10 levels it costs 1 holy water. (Level 10 hero = 1 holy water; level 11 = 2 holy waters!)
The reason I choose a level 3 inn is because the initial level of the heroes are lower, therefore the cost in Holy Water will be less.
Once you have a Hero and the Base you like you need to increase its loyalty. The easiest way to do this is to reward the hero with gold every 15 mins and this will move its loyalty up 5 until it reaches 100.
The main purpose for this is, in battles if your hero loyalty is low and you lose the battle, it is possible for your opponent to capture the hero. If loyalty is high (or 100) then he is less likely to be captured. Be Aware that if you are spamming on attacks (sending small increments to wipe traps and abatis) the each time you lose the loyalty drops by at least 5! Don’t be afraid to use medals, as once you get promoted the lower level medals only use is for loyalty.
So you have your Pol / Att / Intel hero, but what exactly do they do for you?
Well hopefully this next section will explain

Hero Attributes

This hero is surprisingly the geezer you have set as Mayor, for 99% of the entire game.
He will give you a boost to the rate of resource production, he will give you a reduction in any build times when mayor on either Buildings or Wall Defences.
The higher the Pol is, the less the time and the greater the boost to the rate of production.
There is an add on called the Wealth of Nations, apply this and your Pol Attribute has 25% added on... i.e. pol 100 + 25 (wealth of nations)

This Hero you will make mayor when looking to learn a new Technology in the Academy.
You will often hear of folk sending them on scouting missions. This is fine early on in the game, when folks are playing “gates closed” to protect the army, but once we get past this stage they are better off being used to farm npc with the other heroes and get their XP up.
Again like the Politic hero there is an item you can add to the hero that increases the attribute by 25%. 

This is by far and away the most useful. When looking to train (recruit) new troops they reduce the training time needed when mayor.
Also, when sending scout missions, you should equip your best / 2nd best Attack Hero. The main reason for this is that the level of Informatics in the Academy along with the Beacon will be the basis of the scout. But if gates are open the troops will fight. So if you have a better attack hero scouting then they have defending, results can go in your favour and you lose less troops
I have sent my top hero scouting and on some occasions wiped out 125k in scouts and lost only 60k of 100k. But remember the loyalty needs to be 100... You can lose the scout and the hero!
When defending, with gates OPEN, your highest attack hero should be IDLE!
Think of it this way, if he is behind a desk with a pen... he isn’t on the walls with a sword leading the troops. Like all true politicians... they hide behind a desk when the battle starts.
As above add the item to your top hero (Excalibur) as this adds 25% to his Attack attribute.

There are many ways to gain XP, battles, scouts but by far the most effective risk free way is through farming NPC
I would recommend anyone to go and visit www.theevonywiki.com/npc as this basically tells you what you need depending on the attributes you have.
But the greatest XP comes from hitting Level 10’s. 
Now a lot of folk on chat ask “When can I start hitting 10’s? Is there a magic formula?” well all I can offer is what I have experienced
A level 10 gives you on average 1.85million XP points; a level 5 around 93k.
This is fab at upgrading the hero you want... and ideally you want to send the top hero to farm all the level 10’s you have. 2 reasons
1: the xp it gains will be added to the top att hero and will be able to make troops to replace losses quicker
2: the time involved gives the city time to rebuild losses when only using 1 hero.
Later in the game you may be sending multiple hits on 10’s... when troop builds are ready
Ok so what to send, in this server I have used various ones
1: 93k arch 5k scouts 2k Trans (log 10; arch 10; hbr 9/10; MT 10)
Losses depend on the att hero but I can safely say
Att130-200 7-11k in arch and half to 65% of the scouts.
Att 200-300 6-8.5k in arch and half of the scouts
Att 300-400 5-7.5k in arch and half the scouts
2: 86k arch 1k work; 5k warriers; 5k scouts; 500 pike; 500 swords; 2k trans
Losses I can recall as similar to above until I got att hero over 400 then losses went as low as 3.7k arch, all the meat and 50% of the scouts.
In all cases I lost the meat
3: 92k arch; 2k work; 2k war; 2k scouts; 2k trans
This I now use and find as I am over 400 att I am getting 3.5k to 5.5k in losses.
There is many ways to hit it to get the Resources and the XP.
Find a way you can live with, but it will be when the Attack attribute of your hero hits 300 that you will start to really reap the rewards of troop build versus losses.
There are some that would send 1k of warriers to increase xp and prestige, I have to say I have never done it, but I know it does work.
Also a footnote, when hitting lv 10’s apply War /Ivory Horn; Corselet; Penicilin and Add Excalibur to the Attack Hero.