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Oct 12 07 11:20 PM

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Sigrun emailed this out to all our members on S128, it is not too heavy on the detail and simplifies the basic stategy required

How to defend against;

* Scout Bombs – A scout bomb usually consists of 100k to 125k scouts attacking 
you. What they do is, they attack the HIGHEST collective resource value of 
your troops and those tend to be Archers for most ppl. For a scout bomb to 
be effective, the sender must NOT include any other type or soldier along 
with it. If you are being scout bombed and it is just one or two bombs 
coming, close your gates. However, if there are MANY bombs coming at you, 
consider closing your gates as they will eat your wall defences away (about 
2k ATs per hit)
Having 1.3 - 1.5 swords per 1 archer that you have is a good defence against 
scout bombs and will protect your high valued troops so it is HIGHLY 
recommended. If you are lucky enough to have instant Warriors, you may 
prefer 3-4 warriors to every archer, depending on your access to resources.

* Archer Rainbows - EITHER remove your traps, and put lots of Swords and 
Warrior into your city OR leave traps and move most of your layers OUT your 
city. Move all your cav/phracts out your city in both cases. Pike also are 
vulnerable so move these out as well

* Cavs/Phracts smacks – make sure you have abatis and plenty of pike&swords. 
They will probably be cav spamming you constantly to make sure you don’t 
have any. Appoint your best politics hero a mayor and try to build at LEAST 
one trap in time for the main Cav smack (Jaq Attack). Move your Cavs out of 
your city to a nearby city or valley.

* Ballistas (often paired with pults) – Get rid of your rangesetters 
(traps/abatis) and have beefy layers of Swords and warriors. (debatable as 
they operate mid range your thoughts on this)

* Rams – Make sure you have Traps and abatis, similar to if you are being cav 
smacked – make sure to build at LEAST one trap in time for the main hit. 
Having Defense Trebuchets (RockFall) Will be very effective in defending 

against this. However they are very easily triggered and so if they cav spam 
you first, you won’t have any left by the time the main hit arrives.
Note that Rollimg Logs target the highest valued (resource value) troops 
coming at you so have a few of those on your walls if poss along with a 
couple of thousand traps (2-4k), Abatis (2-4k) and
Rockfall (not sure about no, need to double check this).

An Ideal set up for a Lv10 walled city it 6k Traps/ 5k Abatis/ 1k logs/ 1k 
trebs and 10k ATS or the traps and abatis can be dropped 1k ea and you have 
11k ats

actually, against ballista attacks, (IE> 70k ballista, 1k: warrior, scout, pike, sword, archer, cav, cat, ram, pult sent as an attack against a city) we've experimented and found that if you have at LEAST 1 trap, 1 abatis, 1 falling rock, 1 rolling log and 1 archer tower and if you REMOVE all the warriors, workers, pike, sword, cav and cataphracts, and leave JUST archers, scouts and mechanical units, the rainbow will infact work AGAINST the ballistae instead of working for it. Basically your archers will be in range to attack the ballistae, but the ballistae will be just out of range to attack your archers.
This, of course, depends on what layers are being sent, what hero level are. . . there are many variables. But here is an awesome example.

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Oct 12 07 11:23 PM

Here's a round-by-round analysis of what happened:

Round 1 Movement
A pike move to 4600, A Sword to 4655, A Warr to 4800, A Work to 4840, D Arch to 500->2840, A Arch to 4700->2900, D Ball to 150->2880, A Ball to 5050->2950 
Round 1 Attack: none

Round 2 Movement
A pike move to 4000, A Sword to 4110, A Warr to 4400, A Work to 4480, D Arch to 1000->3340, A Arch to 4200->2400, D Ball to 300->3030, A Ball to 4900->2800
Round 2 Attack: none 

Round 3 Movement
A pike move to 3400, A Sword to 3565, A Warr to 4000, A Work to 4120, D Arch to 1500->3840, A Arch to 3700->1900, D Ball to 450->3180, A Ball to 4750->2650
Round 3 Attack: D Arch kill A Arch

Round 4 Movement
A pike move to 2800, A Sword to 3020, A Warr to 3600, A Work to 3760, D Arch stay at 1500->3840, D Ball stay at 450->3180, A Ball to 4600->2500
Round 4 Attack: D Arch kill A Pike, D Ball kill A Sword

Round 5 Movement
A Warr to 3200, A Work to 3400, D Arch stay at 1500->3840, D Ball move to 600->3330, A Ball to 4450->2350
Round 5 Attack: D Arch kill A Warr, D Ball have nobody left to kill

Round 6 Movement
A Work to 3040, D Arch stay at 1500->3840, D Ball stay at 600->3330, A Ball to 4300->2200
Round 6 Attack: D Arch kill A Work, D Ball have nobody left to kill

Round 7 Movement
D Arch move to 2000->4340, D Ball move to 750->3840, A Ball to 4150->2050
Round 7 Attack: D Arch kill A Ball

Round 8 Movement
A Scouts move to 2000, D Arch stand at 2000->4340, D Ball move to 900->3630
Round 8 Attack: A Scouts kill a few archers, D Archers kill A Scouts, D Ball have nobody left to kill

**** So in effect, it was a very expensive scout bomb with 1000 scouts in it! ****

Would have been incredibly painful if the defender had left his meat troops in the city. people tend to underestimate how much advantage the defender has.
Keys to being successful in defending are

1. Always have the advantage of knowing exactly what the attacker is sending and what hero the attacker is using. Check enemy movements constantly to ensure they dont sneak in any surprises.

2. Have a working knowledge of battle mechanics. Know what to remove, what to reinforce with, when to close/open gates. Just this can affect the outcome dramatically. 

3. DO NOT ASSUME YOU HAVE LOST BECAUSE YOUR WALLS ARE GONE! Unless they are timing their attacks within 10-30 seconds, you will usually have time to build at least one of each layer (trap, rolling log, falling rock, abatis, archer tower. . ) People tend to underestimate how much difference can be made by adding just ONE trap.

4. Make sure you send at least a few troops with food and gold to a nearby valley, with a camp time of 40 minutes or so. This ensures that even if they DO steal all your food and gold, you will have enough to comfort after the attack. Since you generally send cav out during an attack anyway, make sure you send something with them.
If you can adhere to just these 4 simple steps, defending can take out more enemy troops then attacking, and your hero will have MASSIVE experience points for winning the battle.

Players tend to overestimate just how much other players KNOW about this game, ESPECIALLY concerning battle mechanics. Most players are just too lazy to really learn about it, which is an advantage to those of us who take the time to learn. 

30k archers, layers and full walls can beat a 100k arch wave, hands down. ALWAYS feel free to ask any of us for help with understanding attacking and defending. The best way to learn is by taking an interest and asking questions 

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